We have been working with Dave since 2004.  Dave enabled us to get a puppy and then later to get another dog.  This would not have been possible without Dave's midday walks, which he provided on most weekdays for 7 years.  Gone was the stress of rushing to get out of work for fear that there would be a mess in the house.  Dave also allowed our dogs to stay at our home during vacations instead of being put in a kennel.  From a practical aspect, Dave's services are invaluable.

On a personal note, our dogs absolutely love Dave.  No matter the day of the week, our dogs start laying down on the front steps awaiting Dave's visit and bark excitedly at anyone that pulls into a parking space.  When we are walking our dogs, we will sometimes happen across Dave and our dogs recognize him way before we do and go bonkers.  I have no doubt that our dogs will not only miss his midday walks, but they will miss Dave himself.  He is truly a "friend to animals."  I also do not believe that one could find a more flexible, trustworthy or reliable individual.  We wish Dave the best and we'll all miss him.



Tiffany and I wanted to thank you again for your assistance in taking care of our cat, Henri, while we were away recently. Your thoroughness and obvious concern for Henriís well-being allowed us to completely relax during our vacation. This was doubly important as we were gone for 11 days and had never left Henri alone for that long before. Your thoughtfulness, willingness to check the mail, water our house plants, provide us with daily written updates on your visits with Henri and even deal with our apartment managerís insistence on cleaning our dryer vents while we were gone are attributes we have never encountered with any other pet sitter.

The most important thing, however, was that Henri was healthy and in great spirits when we returned.  Given that Henri is a bit "high strung" (to put it mildly) that speaks volumes about how well you tended to him while we were gone.

We look forward to using Totally Pets again soon and will recommend you to anyone we know who needs your services.

Best wishes,

Mylan Dawson & Tiffany Heady

PS - here is a picture of Henri for you


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