Fees for Dogs:
Fees are $20.00 per visit for dogs, up to two dogs and $5.00 each additional dog.  Visits for dogs last up to thirty minutes in which time they receive
at least a twenty-minute walk if your pets enjoy long walks or shorter for those who do not like long walks.  The visit also includes playtime and some
time to just sit and be petted.  Medication and injections at no extra cost.

Fees for Cats:
Fees for cats are $15.00 per twenty-minute visit.  In which time your cat will be fed, have their litter box scooped and cleaned.  And of course, some
play time with their toys as well as any special instructions.  Medication and injections at no extra cost.

  Exotic or Unusual Pets:
Fish, Bunnies, Lizards, Birds......
Price is according to the pet and the required care.
Call for quote:  (410) 451-0513
  No extra fee services:
Your home will be made to have that lived in look.  Newspapers and mail are brought in, plants watered, and shades are lowered and raised.  Fishes can
also be fed.  Tropical fishes call for price quote.
  Holiday Services:
Call in advance to reserve visits during the holidays.  There is an additional nominal fee for New Years Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. 
The fee will be $15.00, which is in addition of the per visit fee.
There are no surcharges for last minute emergency visits.  The care of your pets and your business is of the utmost importance to Totally Pets.
There is a small surcharge of $5.00 to pickup and return keys.
Most visits last 30 minutes
  All Visits:
All visits are made by the owner/operator of Totally Pets
  Cancellations and Early Returns:
Please make all cancellations as soon as possible so others may have a chance at possible openings.  Early returns, any notification at least six hours prior to a
visit will not be charged.
                                                                                      Service Areas:
                                                          These are some of the areas Totally Pets is presently providing service to:    
                                                                                           Crofton     Gambrills      Odenton
                                                                                        Other areas considered on an individual basis

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